Victoria BC Canada
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Client: reFX


I joined the Nexus team shortly before the release of version 3. My primary area of focus is the User Interface and macOS.

Routing Page

Designed new routing page for Nexus 4


Ported to Apple Silicon processors, implemented notarization 

Client: reFX


I helped bring Vanguard back to market, building a new UI and updating it for 64 bit, M1 processors and VST3


Ported from inhouse plugin framework to JUCE


Ported 32 bit code to 64 bit. Updated for VST3, AAX and Apple Silicon (M1) processors

Client: reFX

reFX Cloud

Developed JUCE base app for downloading and installing reFX plugins and content


Created HTTP2 library for JUCE


Converted Figma designs to JUCE Implementation

Client: Tracktion Software Corporation


Tracktion Waveform is a Digital Audio Workstation for Windows, macOS & Linux. I was the lead developer on Tracktion 3 for LOUD Technologies Inc and joined Tracktion Software Corporation to work on versions 7 and later.

UI Redesign

Updated and refreshed the user interface elements for Tracktion 7

Pattern Generator

Added automatic generation of MIDI chords, basslines, arpeggios and melodies from chord progressions for Tracktion Waveform 8

MIDI Editor Redesign

Redesigned the MIDI editor for Tracktion Waveform 8 to support editing multiple MIDI clips.

Raspberry Pi Port

Created 32-bit ARM port of Waveform for Raspberry Pi

Client: Tracktion Software Corporation

DAW Essentials Collection

DAW Essential Collection is a suite of 16 AU/VST/AAX audio effect plugins for Windows, macOS and Linux. I worked on the user interface and DSP algorithms.

User Interface

Built vector based user interfaces with JUCE


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Client: Tracktion Software Corporation

Multi Sampler

I created a new Multi Sampler instrument for Waveform that featured tight integration with Waveform and innovation features for sample recording.

Sample Recording

Record samples from DAW input, sampler output or system output.

Drum Slicing

Automatically slice and replace audio with MIDI + sampler

Client: Neyrinck


Rejamm was a social music app for iOS that allowed users to collaborate on recording songs. I worked with Neyrinck to develop the audio engine.

Audio Engine

Low latency audio engine with support for audio and midi tracks with VST plugin hosting

UI Bridge

Connected C++ audio engine with Javascript/HTML User Interface

Client: Neyrinck


Beats Bot is an iOS drum app that lets guitarist play, practice and write songs to a beat. I worked
with Neyrinck to develop the audio engine and user interface.

Audio Engine

Low latency audio engine that allows editing in real time, written in C++.

User Interface

High performance user interface written in Swift.

Client: Neyrinck

V Control Pro

V Control Pro is a hub that allows multiple control surfaces to switch between controlling multiple DAWs and plugins. I worked with Neyrinck on version 2 of the system.

macOS / Windows Hub

Created desktop application to connect to control surfaces to DAWs with user interface to allow users to manage their setups

iOS Apps

Worked on V-Console, V-Panner and V-Plugin iOS Apps that implement multi-touch control surfaces.